Robert Nozick and Amartya Sen’s Idea of Justice

Nozick severely criticized the John Rawls' theory of justice. Nozick is a libertarian theorist. His fundamental principle is liberalism. He is committed to laissez faire (Free market). Nozick’s idea of justice regards the right to property as an important ingredient of individual liberty. He defended the freedom of the market. He believed that the market … Continue reading Robert Nozick and Amartya Sen’s Idea of Justice

John Rawls’ theory of Justice

Justice is primarily of discovering the right course of action. It is mainly concerned with providing fair treatment to every individual without any due. John Rawls is an American philosopher. A good society is characterized by several virtues. He believes justice is the first virtue of a good society. According to Rawls, the problem of … Continue reading John Rawls’ theory of Justice

An insight on Regulation in India

Regulation means enforcement of law and ensuring conformity with the set of standards. The word Regula in Latin refers ‘to control’ or ‘to rule’. So, in other words, we can define Regulation as having a certain kind of control over anyone or anything. After independence, India emerged as a welfare state. People started expecting many … Continue reading An insight on Regulation in India

What is TRIPS agreement, preventing the countries to export vaccines

Russia had offered India to supply 3,00,000-4,00,000 injections of remdesivir. This has triggered an alarm in the U.S., which is already upset with Moscow over unlicensed production of the drug. Any exports could invoke stringent U.S. penalties against Russia and even India. So the Indian government was trying to procure them directly from the U.S. … Continue reading What is TRIPS agreement, preventing the countries to export vaccines

Am I prepared to face the second wave of covid 19?

Today, India reported more than 3 lakh corona cases and more than 2000 deaths. These were official estimates. Unofficially, the deaths are much higher than the estimated. This can be visualised by scenes at crematories and graveyards. Overnight, additional facilities were built up at crematories. India has become short of vaccines, remdesivir injections, medical oxygen, … Continue reading Am I prepared to face the second wave of covid 19?

The Prerogative price of covid-19 vaccine

The recent developments surrounding vaccines and their price is a very undesirable one. With the surge in covid cases and shortage of vaccines, GOI has allowed the states to buy vaccines directly from manufacturers. And welcoming this step, the Serum Institute of India in the media statement release priced the vaccines to states and other stakeholders. However, the prices are … Continue reading The Prerogative price of covid-19 vaccine

Who’s actually suffering from covid-19?

There was a glimpse of hope to everyone when the first vaccine dose was administered. By then, the coronavirus has already done enough damage to people in the United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Spain and the economy as a whole. . MIllions of reported cases and thousands of deaths. It made such devastation that it exposed … Continue reading Who’s actually suffering from covid-19?

The weekly Hindu editorials,18/04

Not on the same page at sea India’s strategic community was agitated last week when the USS John Paul Jones carried out a freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) 130 nautical miles west of the Lakshadweep Islands. Indian observers reacted with shock and dismay at what some described as an unnecessary provocation by the U.S. Navy. … Continue reading The weekly Hindu editorials,18/04

How did India reach to deadly covid stage

India reported a record daily(17/04) increase of 2,34,692 Covid-19 infections over the last 24 hours, health ministry data showed on Saturday. It was the eighth record daily increase in the last nine days. Total cases reached nearly 14.5 million, second only to the United States which has reported more than 32 million infections. Almost 10% … Continue reading How did India reach to deadly covid stage