The fear of pursuing your dream

The time is harder, very hard that your options are declining and are counting less. A mountain or a desert lies ahead. You were strongly aimed and determined to climb the mountain or cross the desert. Flying is just imagination. But yet you can do that. You just need some ropes or a camel to achieve it. wait….! you don’t have them. Now what? Is it impossible to do that? There is an exceptional way but possible. Free solo to climb the mountain and cross the desert by walk. what’s running over your hearts at this time is the real challenge that your goal is aimed at.

It isn’t that easy to do, though you have necessary accessories to climb or a camel to cross. Because the entire time that you start, to the time you end will keep on testing to extreme such that you give up in the midway. The next few steps could have accomplished the task. Yet we give up.

And what if you don’t have any supportive accessories? This is itself a challenging. And still you are determined to accomplish the task. Here comes the life’s test. The question is Can I make it?

The above examples apart. Take a breath and go as deep as possible in your heart. To such deep where the your dream was seeded. Think and discuss with your soul not with your mind. Because you mind always distracts and misleads you. It always looks an easy way out so that it could not suffer much. There’s in an another you. Call him.He is the one assisting you and he is the only one who could guide your mind . The inner one just need you physical body which is controlled by your mind. The combination your inner you and your body is the real you. There could be many reasons/causes that let you to choose your goal but don’t let external factors to undermine your ability.

You have chosen your path to accomplish your goal. The way might not be easy. It could test you to extremes and beyond. The way full of challenges will make you to get rid of all this bullshit. You mind misleads you to lead a happy life without any struggles and sufferings. But still if you are determined to what your inner says then just mute your mind to what it barks. Keep on working. Don’t ever give up midway. Just few more steps ahead! The major obstacles could be our loved one’s, sometimes finance and sometimes it could be time itself. But don’t give up.

Emotional Obstacles

In alchemist, the boy thinks of to give up the dream because he has everything money, a loved girl that makes life happy. His dream is about an unknown treasure. He asks himself why to struggle for something uncertainty when I have enough to live happy. This is because he fears. He fears of losing everything he earned. He fears of losing fatima, a girl he loved. He fears of losing gold he earned. The book, alchemist is one of the immortal best books ever.

The book starts with four obstacles in confronting your dream. It says, the second obstacle is love. Love isn’t something an emotional feeling between a boy and girl. It there for everything in universe. It is between you and your mother, between you and your friend. Just the name varies depending on the person.For eg. in case of a friend of same gender we call it friendship. On the way to pursue our dreams we fear of losing our loved one. It’s just what we think. But we need to realize what our loved one’s think in pursuing of our dream. They never say to abandon our dream because they believe their happiness lies in pursuing of our dreams. We should realize that. We fear of losing them because it pains us. To let off the anguish we give up.

Yet, our loved ones, still insist on confronting our dreams. Sometimes it get worse. We might feel losing our loved ones. In contrast, post, when we give up it starts to haunt our loved ones. They believe that because of them you gave up. Again it was anguish we give them. In confronting our dream, it was you who gave up. It was you who abandoned the dream. It was you ,for yourself made happy and it was you who gave your loved one, a love & anguish of giving up your dream. This feeling keeps them hunting life long. So in giving up your dreams for loved ones, along with love you also give them a witch dream. So look ahead your path and move on. Once it completes the life is more happy than you think.

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