Am I prepared to face the second wave of covid 19?

Today, India reported more than 3 lakh corona cases and more than 2000 deaths. These were official estimates. Unofficially, the deaths are much higher than the estimated. This can be visualised by scenes at crematories and graveyards. Overnight, additional facilities were built up at crematories. India has become short of vaccines, remdesivir injections, medical oxygen, beds, ICU ventilators etc. Some patients were treated wherever the space is available and some are in still search of a bed.

This situation is worsening in the north and west regions of India. So it’s time to ask myself, Am I prepared to face the second wave of coronavirus? The question should be asked as ‘Does India prepared to face the second wave?’ Absolutely “NO”. Because the situation seems to be out of control. Post- administering the first jab, India reluctantly neglected the covid protocols. Crowd gatherings, public rallies, ceremonies & functions, religious rituals etc has given ample conditions to mutate. It was only after the unlock phase 1(June), the cases surged and peaked in September. And thereafter gradually decreased completing the first wave. Some time in January, when the first dose was administered there’s a glimpse of hope that the corona pandemic will soon come to an end. It could be the origin point of the second wave.


After a month, corona cases started to surge at an exponential rate. Meanwhile, the Election Commission of India notified general elections to 6 states, Kumbh Mela 2021 was organised, all educational institutions works places were reopened, travelling was getting normal. Cumulatively, all these accelerated the corona cases reaching the record peaks in a very short period. Coming to vaccine doses administered, it is only 1.3% of the population in India. The cumulative vaccines exported stand at 6.6 crores to 94 countries. As soon as the cases surged, India became short of medical oxygen, vaccines, remdesivir vials etc. And now, India is standing in a very desperate situation on how to tackle the second wave. a year on into the pandemic, India hasn’t learned anything from the first wave. It’s now paying the worth in the second wave. But what is being paid is the very precious Human lives of innocents.

Not absolutely, but certainly, the GOI has failed to manage the coronavirus. India implemented the world’s largest, strictest lockdown without anticipating the consequences. The consequences are migrant crisis, loss of jobs livelihood, income and economic crisis. The only positive result is delayed the first peak. An investigation BBC revealed the Chairman (P.M Modi) of Nation Disaster Management committee has not attended a single meeting. Neither the ministries nor the states have been informed about the decision of lockdown and all it happened suddenly without any planning.


Now, India is going through the second wave. It is more aggressive than the first one because of new strains and mutants. It’s spreading faster and causing more fatalities. Ambulances are lined up out the hospital gates, crematories were busy burning and many are in search of oxygen. Some are even stealing it. It’s is the most valuable product now yet free to breathe when healthy. The oxygen we breathe daily, it’s around us and yet the situation made the oxygen a treasure and people are in search of that. It’s how our health system is. Very pathetic. In anguish, the people question the govt ” Is it what you have done”?

It’s what the state provided to us, to you and me. At this stage, nothing comes out of the air. Nothing happens all of sudden like overnight production of vaccines, building hospitals, supplying enough oxygen etc. Either you & I or the minister can not understand the pain of the family members unless if we lose one of our loved ones. It’s just oxygen that can save our lives. Thought, if we don’t have enough infra, somewhere under a tree or on the floor we manage to lie down if enough medical supplies are provided because being alive is more important than the dignity of life.

A year of experience on pandemic India still struggles to manage it. Very dubious, ill-planned, poor infra and fake words and more. Why am I be the victim of coronavirus, why should I lose my family/friends at the cost of govt. failures? By birth, being a citizen of India, the govt. can’t question my sovereignty & fundamental rights and yet the state is accountable to me.

My tributes to everyone who lost their loved ones to coronavirus.

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