National Anti-Doping Act, 2021

The act aims establish National Anti-Doping Agency, with the objective to comply with the obligations under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Convention Against Doping in Sports. It is important to maintain highest standards of integrity while participating and preparing for sports competition domestically and internationally. The act also aims to identify the list of offences of anti-doping, establish a disciplinary committee to recommend sanctions and an appellate board to review the sanctions.

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The following rules are established in the conformity of gross violation of code/rules prescribed

  • Presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites
  • Use or attempts to use any prohibited substance or a prohibited method
  • Tampering, or attempting to tamper, with any part of doping control
  • Possession of prohibited substances or methods
  • Trafficking in any prohibited substance or prohibited method

The act prescribes the Establishment and Composition of National Sports Ethics and Integrity Board. The Board shall comprise a Chairperson and two members to be appointed by the Central Government for a tenure of three years. The board will provide directions to the Agency and recommendations to the Central Government on matters of integrity in sports and compliance of such international conventions relating to Sports. The Board shall have the power to issue directions to the Agency on,compliance with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Convention Against Doping in Sports and the norms prescribed by the World Anti-Doping Agency, matters of integrity and fair play of sports,appropriate implementation of the notified or adopted anti-doping measures or policies.

Establishment of the National Anti-Doping Agency. however, The existing National Anti-Doping Agency will be subsumed in the National Anti-Doping Agency established under this Act and become the owner of all assets, liabilities and responsibilities of the existing National Anti-Doping Agency from the date of its establishment. The Agency shall have the following functions:

  • planning, co-ordinating, implementing and monitoring antidoping activities.
  • taking measures to prevent Anti-Doping Rule Violations.
  • undertaking anti-doping sensitization and advocacy measures.
  • investigating any Anti-Doping Rule Violations.
  • publishing an anti-doping scheme or policy and perform its functions in accordance with the scheme or policy.

Establishment of anti doping laboratories in compliance with World anti- doping agency(WADA). The act also ensivages Data of Athletes and maintenance of database. Tha anti-doping authority shall have following rules and regulations.

  • The standards for establishment, recognition and operation of anti-doping laboratories.
  • Measures to promote international cooperation in the fight against doping in sport aimed at protecting Athletes and ethics in sport
  • procedure and standards for collection, storage and retention of samples and results management in relation to samples, methods and standards for testing and analysis and sample collection based on the Code and the International Standard for Testing and Investigation as issued by WADA
  • Measures for promotion of research and advocacy in relation to sports doping and testing and methods for sensitising athletes and other concerned stakeholders in relation to the ills of doping;

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