Housing scheme in Andhra Pradesh

In another major achievement towards holistic development of the govt. of Andhra Pradesh will start distributing documents of house site to all the eligible beneficiaries at free of cost with all the basic amenities. The scheme names as YSR Jagananna Illa Pattalu. The scheme will be implemented by Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation(APSHCl) with the vision of Saturation approach – No poor household left without a pucca house. Interestingly, the document will be named on the women of the family.

AP Housing Sanction is one of the top Government organizations working

The details are as follows:

  • An estimated 30.75 lakh (women) beneficiaries are expected to receive the legal house site documents.
  • Each site admeasuring to 1.5 cents in rural and 1 cent in urban areas.
  • Construction of houses on the sites given to beneficiaries amount to 50,940 crores in two phases which will benefit 28.3 lakh beneficiaries
  • 6,800 crores to be spent on the basic amenities in all such colonies
  • Further, the beneficiaries of the TIDCO houses by the previous govt. will also be covered under this scheme.
  • TIDCO beneficiaries of some 1.43 lakh will be added burdening some additional 3,805 crores to the exchequer.
  • The entire process at ground level will come under the ambit of Social audit in saturation mode with utmost transparency leaving no scope for corruption or bias.
  • The women beneficiaries will have full legal rights of property to sell, mortgage post-construction of 5 years.

Andhra Pradesh is the first state in the Country. During 1977, a severe cyclonic storm & victims, 1979 Government formulated the Housing Corporation. It was decided to construct only pucca houses., to establish an exclusive organization, APSHCL, to pursue the following objectives:

  • To formulate, promote and execute Housing Schemes for the benefit of people in general and particularly the Weaker Sections or persons living in Rural and Urban areas and to those who are affected or likely to be affected by natural calamities such as Cyclone and Tidal Waves.
  • To undertake or regulate the construction of houses and create or cause to be created other infrastructural facilities for the said housing scheme.
  • To take up research and development activities in the field of construction and material management and to associate and collaborate with Government, individuals, organizations and associations how in the field of building construction, land development, environmental improvement and such other activities as are useful healthy commodities.
  • Mobilizes loans from various Financial Institutions for implementation of Housing Programme.
  • Plays the role of facilitator in the construction of houses by providing technical and financial assistance.
  • Propagates Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Construction (CEEF) materials and technologies in the construction of houses.
  • Encourages in situ production of alternative construction materials.

The scheme was scheduled to launch prior covid-19 pandemic but postponed many times in the interests of stakeholders. Also, the petitions in the high court on land acquisitions caused delays. It was alleged that the land acquisition was made opaquely and payments were above the market values for purchase. Also, it was alleged in some areas that the acquisition and construction could cause harm to the local environment and ecology. It was yet to see the findings high court’s final order. However, the HC refused to order any stay on the distribution of house site which was scheduled to launch this Friday but stated that all the aspects will be subjected to its final order.

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