How tech giants influence us

Wish to know something- Google it. Wish to connect with friends- Facebook it. Wish to purchase anything- Amazon it. There is, for everything and all for your needs. Life’s getting much easier right. Just say hey google for all info at your tips. And amazon to shop from your early morning’s toothpaste to the needs till the end of the day. Meanwhile, a nice chat and scrolls on Facebook with your friends. Just imagine how life would be without this techs. Feeling like a lone person in 7 billion population. That’s nothing awful. So is the influence of techs in our life.

Let’s go some deeper. Last night I have asked Google to set alarm for 7 a.m in the next morning. What does this mean to google? Just an alarm. Absolutely not. In the past 3 days, I have been searching to travel to Vizag, the city of Destiny, on the day I set alarm. It isn’t just an alarm or a travel search. There’s something in dark google algorithms are doing. From the time, I started to search is time the google started haunting me. But for what, why and How!?

My first search for travelling to Vizag does mean (to google) that I am planning to travel Vizag in the next few days. Remember, Google isn’t a human and an algorithm/coding/programming. Now google starts hunting me with its ads/suggestions/notifications/pop-ups whenever possible, Wherever I go, whatever page/website I visit at all times is google’s ads like Best hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, travelling and everything that can drain our pockets. Google doesn’t recommend or show everything available because it’s AdSense. They show only business that paid to google to promote their business(in Vizag) whoever visit Vizag. There’s no google employ sitting just to recommend to you but Google does with its algorithms.

Amazon isn’t only commerce. It’s A to Z service provider like cloud & web hosting. Most amazon services are hiding or invisible but actually is present. Amazon web services share is higher than it’s next three competitors combine. Amazon e-commerce is shaping the shopping behaviour. For instance, search a product in amazon. The first results were sponsored products of that kind and follows amazon brand products and follows preferred sellers. Amazon was alleged that gives preferential treatment to some sellers and ignore others. The same you do. You choose the products from those search results because they have the best ratings & reviews. You will conclude ” I can’t see some 10 pages for the best product and let me choose this . It’s good”. Now you are on another haunt. The pages/website you visit is advertised with the most relevant products you have searched on amazon. Again Mr Google knows you are searching for some product and will let you know what to purchase.

Facebook, the more you dig, the more you learn it. The best word I can say is ‘Cambridge Analytica’. The greatest asset for Facebook is your profile. Facebook ads will be targeted mostly based on profiles. Harnessing Facebook accounts data is worth billions of dollars. Wonderful right! Just data worth’s billion dollars. Let’s say you have watched a video about Vizag beauties’. You are impressed and dropped alike. Now you’re on another haunt. Facebook understands that you do like Vizag business and will recommend relevant videos repeatedly and the pages you like even if you are not following them. The action you do i.e. a like/comment/share to a video/page/post is nothing but your preferences you would like or the match most relevant to your taste. Facebook understands everything that you do and you will become a target of that kind.

The techs have great potential that it can know you very well even if you are connected or not. Mr Google knows where you have been to, what you’re doing and you do next..? While Amazon is busy getting market to you. And Facebook is harnessing your behaviour. But why all this? The answer is two sides of a coin but you see only light side. They were monopolies that can never be beaten. So the dark side of the coin however projected a term called privacy. Do all your actions, data are kept confidential or something is being done to them? The answer lies in the USA. The CEO’s of top techs are questioned in congress. The CEO’s answers may or may not be factual because who knows what’s happening?

The data privacy saga has now reached politics and a key aspect for policymakers. Neither techs nor governments have come up with widely agreed data policies. But it is absolutely necessary to reduce the vulnerabilities of a user. If not techs were regulated and aligned to stringent data policies then the future governments could be formed not by politicians but by techs.

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