Education during the Pandemic(p-1)

It was the 3rd Sunday of March, 2020. Me and my friends were talking gossips,watching movies and roaming on university roads from mess to food court,room door to university gate. Not every Sundays were like the same. Sometimes we will be out the gate roaming on city roads, eating road side panipuri, fried rice, biryani and other masala items. After dinner around 10 p.m in the night one of friends had come to my room shouting and informed that we were planning for a movie followed by biryani on coming Sunday. I simply said OK.

The following day we heard a Breaking news that our university has declared holidays about 10 days because the state has reported its first covid-19 positive case. At that time we have no idea what could happen in that 10 days or after ten days. As like casual holidays we just packed up our language and left the university. We know we will meet soon after holidays that every time we leave university.

On the next Sunday sitting at home I am thinking that we were supposed to be for a movie and biryani. Unfortunately, the nation wide curfew was imposed followed by 21 days nation wide lock down. Some students will be happy for getting more holidays but I am in no mood to be happy instead some sort of scariness is being built within me for covid-19 reporting PAN INDIA.

21 days nation wide lock down was supposed to be completed the next day. Unfortunately the lock down 2 was announced extending two more weeks. Meanwhile in phase 2 lock down, the universities PAN India started to go for online classes since the academic calendar dates were to end soon. There was a view to conduct exams soon after phase 2 lock down completes. But this didn’t happen as expected. Now there was some scariness among all the students for A-Z reasons about their future.

Phase 3 lock down by two more weeks was extended with little relaxation followed by phase 4 lock down by another two weeks,adding a little more relaxation. More than two months still sitting at home with uncertainty raising among students who await for updates .

According to UNESCO, a little more than 320 Million students in India were effected due to closure of schools/colleges/universities.

The results if completely assessed would really shock us the impact of covid-19 on education and students. There will be a long term impact on their learning abilities and physiological health if the situation prevails in the same way. It has been more than five months and still students await. In perspectives it a question if students were to reach education or education to reach students. This question arose in my mind because of inequalities raising in education in this hard time. Not all the students have digital and internet access.

India is facing harder time in every aspect due to covid-19. However, there should be greater importance given to education.

I will discuss on exams amid pandemic in my next article exclusively for final year students. On continuation to this part 1 I will also discuss inequalities in digital education attributing different aspects and hardships faced by students during this pandemic.

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